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OpenID is an third-party identification protocol that allows users to log on to multiple websites with only one username and password.  Users register with one OpenID website, called an Identity Provider.  The user can then log on to any website that accepts OpenID using the identity from the provider.  The “OpenID Acceptor,” as it is called, will send a request to the Identity Provider, which in turn authenticates the username and password and provides a certificate to the OpenID Acceptor.  This certificate, it is important to note, includes varying amounts of personal information, such as email or home addresses, phone … Continue Reading

Glossary of terms

  • Add This – refers to the embedded code on a website that allows the user to subscribe or share via social media in one step.  Analytics also allow the social media site to determine which pages are trending.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) – structured set of software tools that provides an interface to a backend software platform, such as a social networking platform.  See our posts on APIs.
  • Brandjacking – the act of assuming a target brand or company’s identity through fake accounts, hashtags, or marketing campaigns.
  • Canoe – the phenomenon whereby a dialogue between a few users gains
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Passwords & Social Media

An employee’s personal social media page may offer prospective hackers a backdoor into company protected information. Many companies are moving towards lengthy and complex passwords, which has placed additional strain on password recovery procedures.

Many of these “forgot password” security procedures ask for pseudo personal information such as a user’s high school mascot or mother’s maiden name.

Social media, however, can make this type of information readily available to the nefarious and arguably low-tech hacker. In the case where Governor Sarah Palin’s e-mail account was hacked, the indictment claimed that the hacker required just 45 minutes to locate the information … Continue Reading