We have several new readers to our blog, and we want make sure everyone is aware of our features that not only include blog posts, but also several glossaries. One of our glossaries to help our readers understand what the Marketing and Promotions employees have already discovered is our Glossary of Terms.  Here are some new terms that you may not be familiar with:

  • Vine.  Vine, a social media application owned by Twitter, allows users to record and share looping videos that are six seconds or less. A video can be a full six-seconds, or can be separate, short videos, that are compiled together into a six-second video. A user’s videos that are published on Vine can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr or embedded onto a website. Users can also share other Vine users’ content with their Vine followers by “revining” a video, which posts Vine videos taken by users directly onto the user’s feed. Vine is used by individual users, but has also been used by numerous companies and brands to promote its products or services. See our posts that include Vine.
  • Revine – the act of sharing a Vine video with all of the user’s Vine followers. Similar to Retweet on Twitter and Share on Facebook.
  • Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a crowdspeaking platform, on which a user creates a campaign (a “Thunderclap”) and invites followers to support his campaign. The campaign message is limited to 117 character, however, the user can tell a more detailed story on their Thunderclap page. A campaign can be a link to a charity or online petition, an auction, a health PSA, a political campaign, a campaign to raise awareness regarding a certain issue, a book launch, or any other campaign. If a Thunderclap user chooses to support the campaign, the supporter allows Thunderclap access to their social media account and permission to share a message on the user’s Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account. If the number of campaign supporters rises to a pre-determined threshold prior to the end of the campaign, then Thunderclap will “blast out” the social media messages from the supporter’s social media accounts at the same time. If the campaign creator does not recruit enough supporters by the campaign’s end date and time, no posts will be made. According to Thunderclap, the platform is not just for non-profits and social causes and can also be used by brands to connect with its audience, promote an event or product launch, or more. See our posts on Thunderclap.

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