Social media has led to some new forms of intellectual property, including the “Twitter follower” (a registered user of microblogging site Twitter that is interested in the postings of another user and that other user permits him/her to receive those

Should companies with social media pages be concerned with dissemination of  their information to other entities, such as current or potential competitors?

Some privacy groups think so, and warn that a user of popular social media site Facebook may well

Facebook Information:  Privacy v. DiscoveryWhen can a party to a lawsuit get access to another party’s Facebook-posted materials for discovery purposes without violating privacy rights?

On November 14, 2012, New York’s Appellate Division ruled on that question in an auto accident/personal injury matter

It seems axiomatic that social media users can be held accountable for making false, misleading, defamatory, or libelous statements in a Facebook post or Twitter “tweet.”

This fact is well-illustrated by a number of high-profile lawsuits (none of which have

OpenID is an third-party identification protocol that allows users to log on to multiple websites with only one username and password.  Users register with one OpenID website, called an Identity Provider.  The user can then log on to any website